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10+ Coolest Homemade Traffic Light Costumes for Halloween

The beauty of this homemade costume idea lies in it’s simplicity. Instead of searching for inspiration in far off places, sometimes it’s easier to just look up! It’s awesome an ordinary idea like traffic light costumes has the potential for a cool and shiny DIY costume.

Some costumes here are boxed up light real traffic lights while others merely contain red, yellow and green circles. Either way, they are all instantly recognizable. It’s cool to see how different people percieve something as simple as a traffic light!

In addition, the road theme is expounded with extra costume accessories and even group costumes. For instance, some costumes come with a street sign of their name as a headpiece. Another example are parents dressed as road signs with their child as a traffic light.

Will you try one of these homemade costumes for Halloween this year?