Make Your Own Stoplight Costume

This was one of the most fun costumes ever! Being able to control sidewalk traffic with the push of a taplight give you power you never knew you had.

How to Make Your Own Stoplight Costume. I just made a simple tube dress with black jersey fabric on the front and yellow jersey on the back, and attached two black straps to help keep it up. For the 3 colors I used mesh fabric, doubled up, so that the light could shine through. I made little circular “pockets” that I could sew the lights into, and then sew onto the front of the tube dress. I bought a 3 pack of small tap lights and attached them to circles of cardboard for stability inside of the pockets, sewed up the pockets, and sewed them into 3 holes I cut out in the black fabric. Be careful in the placement of the lights…if they get too low it just looks a little odd!

All night long I had people coming up to me and turning my lights on and off and chest bumping me to see the colors change. It was so much fun in a dark room or street to light everything up with red, yellow, and green! It’s a surefire way to stand out…and an even better way to keep unwanted strangers away….just give em the red light.

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  1. I love this idea – I’m going to try it for a function in June. :) Sounds like so much fun!

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