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Coolest Homemade Stop Light Adult Costume Idea

I am a huge fan of box costumes. They are easy to make and don’t require any swift adjustments; you simply take off the box and get in the car/go to the bathroom. Having discovered how easy they are to make and what a hit they are at parties/bar/work, I decided to make another box costume. After much deliberation I decided on the homemade Stop Light adult costume.

You have no idea how easy it was to make. Having been in a box before for Halloween as a Lego the year before, I already knew exactly what size box I needed from the Fed-Ex store, so that was a no brainer. The only other components were primer, black paint, acrylic three touch lights (think closet tap lights from the dollar store), 3 pieces of black foam paper and hot glue.

I measured how far I would want the box to fit over me and cut out a head hole and arm holes. Then I primed and painted my box – I like to use a primer because cardboard boxes are very porous and the paint soaks in a lot, so you have to use a lot of coats and it still doesn’t look good. The primer helps to act as a great base.

I used acrylic paint (from Michael’s) and painted each one of the tap lights red, yellow, and green. Then a little bit of hot glue to adhere the lights to the box and to add the pieces of, what I call light visors, the black things that are right above each light to protect from the glare of the sun, cut in a semi circle shape and BAM! A fully working stoplight! It was such a hit and I loved being able to light up any of the the three lights or all at the same time!

Homemade Stop Light Adult Costume

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