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Working Traffic Light and Pylon Couple Costume

Stop! In the name of love!

The traffic light costume was made by getting three battery-powered tap-on lights, painting them red, yellow and green, and ductaping them to an all black outfit. The pylon costume consisted of a bright orange shirt, ductape stripes, and a mini pylon with a battery-powered light inside of it, secured with an elastic.

The traffic light costume was a hit once everyone at the party realized they could change the colours with just a tap! Not to mention we never lost eachother because we were so easy to find from across the room all night. The only hard part about being the traffic light was being wrapped in ductape – I had to keep my posture and stay dedicated to the costume all night! That, and my seat belt thought it would be funny to turn on my lights every time I moved while driving.

Highlight of the night (as if it wasn’t *bright* enough) was winning the costume contest at the Arlington! That, and before going out, I loved seeing our trick-or-treaters faces *light up* (I had to) when I opened the door!

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