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Coolest Homemade Traffic Cone Costume

We wanted to make a cool costume for our 6 year old so we decided on a Traffic Cone Costume. My husband welded a light weight wire frame for the lower half of the cone. We covered it with batting . Then I purchased 2 yards of bright orange fabric and reflective fabric for the trim.

I sewed the fabric into a cone shape and fitted it on to lower frame. We attached shoulder straps onto the frame and added cardboard covered lower base. After several test fittings we cut out arm holes and hole for her face. We added reflective trim around her face hole and a reflective band around whole costume. After all was sewn we hot glued fabric down under base and added stuffing on the top of the cone.

She is very excited for Halloween and she is sure to be a real Traffic Stopper this year.

Homemade Traffic Cone Costume

Homemade Traffic Cone Costume

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