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Coolest Homemade Traffic Light Kids Halloween Costume Idea

My son wanted to be a traffic light for Halloween, so I went to work. Considering I do not sew, I put the entire homemade traffic light kids Halloween costume idea together with a hot glue gun. My son’s reaction when he first saw the finished costume made all the effort worthwhile … he said “OHHHHH COOOL!”.

The costume is complete with a street sign: Zack Avenue. White trick or treating, it took a while before Zack realized that everyone knew his name because he had it printed on his cap. The lights are battery-operated tap lights that work. The kids LOVED turning the lights off and on. In addition, the added lights made it safe for trick or treating on Halloween night.

I started with a cardboard box from a local retailer (hangers box). I cut the box to length, just above my son’s knees. I then cut holes for his arms and head. I covered the box with golden yellow felt (3 yards maximum) using a hot glue gun. For the black front, I cut the corners of a large piece of black foam and hot glued it on. I purchased 3 tap lights and spray painted each one in a red, yellow and green color. I hot glued the lights to the black piece of foam. For extra embellishment, I added more black foam as a cover to each of the lights.

For the street sign, I cut a small rectangular shape out of a green piece of foam. I then glued the letters “Zack Avenue” to the front of the green foam. I hot glued the sign to a black knit cap. Lastly, my son wore a black sweat suit and black shoes to complete the costume.

TIPS: Put batteries in the lights and test before gluing them on. Glue the yellow light on first and center the other two lights accordingly. For soft shoulder padding, add Styrofoam to the underside of the box that will fit comfortably around the child’s shoulders.

Homemade Traffic Light Kids Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Traffic Light Kids Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Traffic Light Kids Halloween Costume Idea

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Traffic Light Kids Halloween Costume Idea”

  1. Hi, I love how you made this traffic light costume! Could you share with the rest of us what material you used for the lettering of the road sign?

  2. Hello there:) hope you’re well
    My son asked my for a traffic Light costume as well and I saw yours on the web. it is beautiful and inspiring!
    Can you share a link please where dod you but the lights from?
    Thank you in advance


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