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Coolest Homemade Traffic Light Costume

I usually make my son’s costume, but this year he was old enough to participate in the creation. A Traffic Light Costume popped into his head, I thought wow, that’s great and easy. I added my own spin to it by adding the sign. I will be dressing up as a police women so together that is a scary sight.

Cost $3.00 (really this could be free with construction paper, scissors, glue & markers)

Supplies we used:
Foam paper- 1 black 1white (lg enough to fit your child)
Foam sheets- 1green, 1 yellow, 1 glittery red
Hot Glue gun- 2 sticks
Cardboard-to reinforce but not necessary
Markers- black, red

Basically you are creating a sign that can be pulled over head. Since this project was all easier geometric shapes I outlined and had him do all the cutting. I of course did the hot glue gun.

1. Cut both lg foam paper into rectangles relative to child size, enough to cover them but not too much that they would have trouble walking (Save scraps)
2. Reinforce by gluing cardboard to each
3. Using scrap strips from 1 measure child’s shoulder length ensuring it can fit over head.
4. Cut green and yellow circles slightly smaller then red one- glue to black side of sign
5. With black scraps glue semi arch to top of lights creating the dome effect.
6. On sign look up your local signs or make one up color with markers

Homemade Traffic Light Costume

Homemade Traffic Light Costume

Homemade Traffic Light Costume

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