Coolest Car Costume

My son wanted to be a Mini Cooper just like his Gramps’ car. He wore it to school, and “parked” it in the classroom. He was beeping and honking and having a great time.The costume was a huge hit on Halloween night!

My husband and I, made the costume from found items at home:
cardboard box
pool noodle
masking tape (lots and lots)
papier mache (for strength)
pink foam insulation

We purchased 2 small mirrors and a can of spray paint. Total cost: $8.

It did take us 4 nights total to build, and in the future, we will plan ahead and begin earlier (we’ve said this before…)

We used lots of reference photos, and worked only when our son was sleeping. (It would have taken 8 nights to build!)

This car is very strong, because it was reinforced with papier mache, it will be passed on, and I am sure that at least 2 other neighborhood kids will be a Mini Cooper in future Halloweens.

Car Costume

Car Costume

Car Costume

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