Coolest Homemade Car Engine Costume

Our Nine year old son came up with the idea for this Car Engine Costume and the whole family kind of ran with it. We started with a large box donated by a local store, next we laid out the arm and head holes to fit his size. We used plastic water bottles for the water neck and on the fuel pump. Smaller boxes for the valve covers, fuel pump, and the bottoms of coffee cans for the pulleys, old gift wrap tubes for the headers.

We did our best to recreate each engine part as accurately as possible. We painted each part and used a variety of tapes glues to connect each part to the main engine block. We had an actual used air cleaner so we attached that to an old ball cap and it worked perfectly on his head. Then we added some old engine decals from the tool box and we were off to school.

It was a fun family project. Total cost was $3.98 for the can of orange spray paint for the main piece.

Homemade Car Engine Costume

Homemade Car Engine Costume

Homemade Car Engine Costume

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  1. This is awesome and gonna try my only problem is not very crafty!!! However with your pic. I have something to go by. lol

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