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Coolest Homemade Mini Cooper Transformer Halloween Costume

This year for Halloween I made a TRANSFORMABLE Homemade Mini Cooper Transformer Halloween Costume. Let me tell you why. Last year I made the coolest Iron man costume, for a school contest, entirely out of flat cardboard boxes and with absolutely no help from anyone. After winning the contest, I thought: “what will I do next year?”, but forgot about it until a month ago when I saw my little brother playing with a transformer toy. That’s it, I said to myself, and sat down to make some drawings.

I took my favorite car (the Mini Cooper) and, after much thought, came up with a good design. I then had three weekends in which to make the costume. I cut, taped, clued and painted.

Last Friday I went to school and won the costume contest for a second year. Someone advised me to find a contest online and I found you. I think I deserve to win this contest because I spent 3 of my High School weekends working on this cool homemade Mini Cooper Transformer costume all by myself, using only plain cardboard boxes. Thank you for your time.

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