This Transformer costume is made up of a cut up power wheels jeep,various plastic shapes,about 5 cans of spray paint, light reflectors, and all mounted and epoxied on hockey equipment. The helmet is a second hand bumble bee mask towered with various plastic containers and cardboard bits, some bottle caps. I made it out of 95% recycled materials, only purchasing the lights, spray paint and glue new. Pop bottles on baby formula cans for the gun.

I started it in July and just finished this last week. Since I was a kid growing up with brothers I loved the Transformers and always longed to make a costume worthy of the name. I finally accomplished it this year. The helmet, original a bumble bee mask, even makes the Transformer noise, and its gets me excited every time I hear it! I got also great reactions from ”the big kids” telling me how awesome it was!

But nothing beats the reaction from the real kids, they get all excited and think I’m a real Transformer! It makes my heart melt. The smiles are the best in my books! Their faces light up and they cant believe it. Standing  in front of them, a real Transformer, reminds me of when I was a kid. Pure awesomeness. Another thing with this costume was knocking off something on my bucket list, to do the robot in a Transformer costume, and yes it was AWESOME!