I normally brainstorm a little before I choose my Halloween costume but this year was different. I had seen others in the past do an Optimus Prime costume, but I wanted to make it better and I was up for the challenge.

It took me about two months to build it almost entirely out of cardboard. I used my brothers baseball helmet and some wheels I got off an old toy that I had laying around the house. Everything was held together by hot glue, I found out real early that duct tape does not hold up in different weather conditions over time. The hot glue was a great choice. It made everything very strong and I needed that because I put the costume through a lot.

The helmet and the gun were the two pieces that were the most time consuming. I thought I was going to be able to measure cut and glue but with all those little pieces it felt like forever to put together. Also I had to fill every crack with glue (went through about two big bags of sticks ) so it looked when it came time to paint. Towards the end it came down to crunch time so I also had to get some hours in at night which made it interesting.

I probably have about sixty or more hours invested in this and it was a great time making it worth every minute. One of the hardest parts is figuring out the sizes and the different boxes and cuts you need to make to allow you to move in it. Trial and error is really the only way that I figured it out. Seeing each piece come together and “transform” into the final product was a great feeling. I had the design in my head before I started and it came out exactly the way I pictured it. Kids and adults wanted to take picture with me and I liked seeing the wow factor expression on people’s faces when they saw it!

The helmet is a baseball helmet with measured pieces of cardboard hot glued. The gun is all cardboard.

For the arms and legs, I used hockey gloves and painted them blue and used nuts and bolt as the joints of the arms. The lets have foam on the inside to stay up while I used the two soup cans and tires off of a toy for the wheels.

For the chest and mid-piece section, I took a lot of time to figure out the mechanics of everything. The mid section goes up into the chest and allows me to sit down in the costume.