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Coolest Homemade Bumble Bee Transformer Costume

My 3 year old niece wanted to be Bumble Bee so I got busy on ideas for a Homemade Bumble Bee Transformer Costume. I set to work. I first had to find the proper fabric and foam. A new saving grace was finding stiff felt. Most of my time making the costume was trouble shooting. In the end I think it turned out great though.

The back, chest, and lower back all detach for getting her in and out of vehicles with car seats. Since many children don’t like their face covered I made the helmet kid friendly so the face piece is removable also.

The paint for the Autobot symbol is a raised puffy paint since anything else just soaked in. The plastic for the windows is from a cheap poster frame that I bought that came with the clear plastic face. It all needed to be made this way for weight and mobility.

Bumble Bee Transformer Costume

Bumble Bee Transformer Costume

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