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Coolest Homemade Transformer Costume

I made this homemade Transformer costume for my best mates 21st birthday that is considerably close to Christmas. He didn’t want anyone but him to dress as Santa, so everyone else had to be creative.

I had just watched Transformers which inspired me to make this. I took a cardboard box and crouched in it drawing where my arms and head would be. My mates did help me mark where parts needed to be.

Once I knew where my arms and head would sit I then molded pieces around those limbs while considering the movement I’d need and the space I have.

The arm pieces were excessively reinforced with paper-mache to make them stronger. Once I was happy with this I wrapped all of the shell of the costume in Christmas wrapping paper. On the helmet I used a shiny metallic looking wrapping paper to give the metal effect of the helmet. I made smaller bits to go around the top parts of my legs.

All together I spent 2 days tops working on it. I have to say it did not survive the whole night. But it had function as you may see from the photos – that was the main goal.

A tip for making anything stronger in this case without doubt is either more glue or many layers of paper-mache as it does wonders for strength.

Homemade Transformer Costume

Homemade Transformer Costume

Homemade Transformer Costume

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