Nutcracker Ballet Costumes

Nutcracker Ballet Costumes

How did we come up with these Nutcracker ballet costumes? After searching for unique couples’ costumes, we were coming up with zilch that had never been done around our area – that is until somebody did a post about ballet practice for their child’s upcoming Nutcracker ballet.  I saw a picture and it sparked the … Read more

Women’s Homemade Nutcracker Costume

Women's Homemade Nutcracker Costume

I should start off by saying that my boyfriend did not like the idea of me being a nutcracker when I pitched it to him at first, he is always very supportive of the crazy costumes I come up with but just thought this one was weird… BUT once he saw me all put together … Read more

Coolest Wind-Up Toy Nutckracker Soldier Costume

Homemade Wind-Up Toy Nutckracker Soldier Costume

Materials used for this Homemade Wind-Up Toy Nutckracker Soldier Costume: Hot glue gun, needle+thread, duct tape, musical mechanism from my jewelry box, thinnest plywood available, wooden dowel, gold or silver spray paint, drill with tiny drill bit, heavy duty wood glue, approx 1 1/2 inch foam – can pull from a pillow, or find in … Read more