Creepiest Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume

Living Dead Doll costume

Hello, I am a 47 yr old grandmother from Phoenix Arizona. I collect creepy dolls. I have a massive collection of Living Dead Dolls. One of the dolls from Series 32 is named Butcher Boop. She has a fantastic look and I knew I wanted to be her for Halloween this year. She is reminiscent of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume

Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume

I absolutely love Halloween and the thrill of dressing up. I enjoy checking out all the costumes every year. Well, this year I decided I didn’t want to dress all cute and typical but instead wanted everyone to be staring at me. I thought and thought about what I had already that I could turn … Read more

Cool Living Dead Doll Costume

Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume

My daughter has a collection of living dead dolls and decided she wanted to be one for Halloween. She chose Catrina from series 20 Days Of The Dead. I bought the shirt. The skirt I got at a secondhand shop. I painted the skull with fabric paint. I did her makeup, sprayed her hair black … Read more

Coolest Living Dead Doll Costume

Creepy living dead doll costume

I was thinking of an idea for good and original costume for this Halloween. I thought a “living dead doll” would be cool. I found some living dead dolls on the internet “real ones” but instead I preferred to create one my own imagination. Because it’s more fun this way. Why copy something, when you … Read more

Coolest Homemade Hush and Calico Living Dead Dolls Costume

Chrs > Living Dead Dolls

We stumbled upon these Hush and Calico costumes 2 days before Halloween. We were looking for somthing fun, scary and cool. While browsing online, looking for original zombie, death and ghost ideas, I saw a girl dressed as Sadie looking great. Then, ta-da, we found the site with our dolls to be! For Hush, Jamie … Read more

Awesome Living Dead Doll Costume

Coolest Living Dead Doll Costume

Here I am in a Living Dead Doll Costume. The arms and legs are black and white striped over the knee socks. The wig I found in a supermarket. I think it’s a bad fairy wig. The dress is just a black dress and I made the dolly myself. For the make up I had … Read more

Original Living Dead Doll Costume

Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume

I got this idea for a Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume from the Living Dead Doll line. My husband is a special effects artist and attends tradeshows on a regular basis. He will bring my daughter a Living Dead Doll from each tradeshow he attends. The idea for the costume was mine. I had a … Read more

Coolest Living Dead Dolls Costumes

Coolest Living Dead Dolls Costumes 7

For this Living Dead Dolls Costumes, buy a dress, tear it up and smear blood, on the holes and tear draw black scars that look like stitches on either side of your mouth and use black lipstick to draw small lips. Put your hair in 2 pig tails and tease them to look messy. Wear … Read more