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Coolest Homemade Hush and Calico Living Dead Dolls Costume

We stumbled upon these Hush and Calico costumes 2 days before Halloween. We were looking for somthing fun, scary and cool. While browsing online, looking for original zombie, death and ghost ideas, I saw a girl dressed as Sadie looking great. Then, ta-da, we found the site with our dolls to be!

For Hush, Jamie found her costume hair and makeup at the local store. Her dress was found at a local thrift store and she created the skull ribbon from fabric paint and ribbon. She decided to change Hush’s attire a little to introduce some color and make the outfit ‘pop”. For her red eyes and cracks, she used the face paint that requires a smidge of water to apply – and does not smear!

For Calico, I found pleather at the fabric store and had a wonderful relative sew it quickly together 2 hours before the party – not bad huh? For my skin cover, I used acrylic paints from the local fabric store – but DO NOT MIX with even a tad of water (see how the green is peeling off on my face). Also do not use the gloss acrylic as it is very hard to remove and pulls your arm hairs painfully. My hair was created with yarn and extensions interlaced and attached to a ponytail underneath with hair combs. Make sure that you have someone around when painting so they can do your back and other areas you can’t reach. A hairdryer helped tremendously in the drying. When I applied the paint to the skin, it took about 3 hours; some parts had to dry before you could move or apply the stitching effect – but it was worth it.

We had the most unique costumes out of everyone and came in first and second places! We are already looking for next year’s doll costume but will not wait till the last minute as we did this year!

Take care
Sherri (Calico) and Jamie (Hush)

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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