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Original Living Dead Doll Costume

I got this idea for a Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume from the Living Dead Doll line. My husband is a special effects artist and attends tradeshows on a regular basis. He will bring my daughter a Living Dead Doll from each tradeshow he attends. The idea for the costume was mine. I had a vision of how I wanted it to look and I knew my husband could pull off the make-up. I used an old dance recital costume, made a cape, purchased a wig and tights. The wig and the make-up really make the costume. My husband airbrushed her make-up.

We went to her school’s Trick or Treat Street last week and she turned many heads. We received endless compliments! This was a fun costume to put together and if you have or know someone who has great make-up skills, you can easily pull this off!

Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume

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