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Twisted Broken Ballerina Doll Costume

The components of my costume include: Curled Black Hair, Skull Headband, Creepy Broken Doll Makeup, long sleeved black shirt, purple tutu, white tights, black boots, and white gloves. For anyone who wants to also try to be the same character for Halloween, some substitutions that can be made if desired for certain costume parts including: pink tutu, pink or black ballet slippers, black gloves, and straight hair if curling the hair is not desired, and a different color of dress that is frilly that is not black. The makeup has to fit with the desired color of the overall costume. I came up with this costume idea after working in a few previous haunted houses in the past!

Here are the makeup products you will need for the face makeup: white cream makeup or Snazaroo white face paint or Geisha cream makeup(I chose Geisha), Snazaroo black face paint, white baby powder, powder or regular photo powder, makeup spray to set the makeup in place as well, red face paint for the lips. If you want to airbrush the face, use an airbrush gun and white Mehron liquid face paint and then do the detail work with the remaining products already mentioned. Makeup tools that are required include: pointed cotton swabs, several different types of face paint brushes, airbrush gun if you want to base the face with airbrushing, and makeup sponges if you want to base the face by hand. The powder is for setting the makeup in place to prevent sweating and melting of the makeup. I chose to base the foundation on by hand.

The hair tools and items you will need include: hot rollers, hairspray, elastic bands if needed and desired, blow dryer (if one is readily available), and a skull headband. The skull headband is available at Hot Topic. If you wear glasses, I highly recommend wearing prescription contact lenses. For doing makeup and hair, a good rule of thumb is to allow at least one to two hours of doing the makeup and hair so that you will be ready to go with your entire costume right on time.

Here are the steps for doing the face makeup outlined in detail:

I put my tights and costume shirt on first. For the makeup, I first based my face and neck with Geisha cream makeup foundation. Then I added powder to set the foundation to prevent smearing of the makeup. Then I did a large black circle of the right eye and added cracks to give the illusion of a broken doll. I then added red circles on my cheeks and painted my lips red. I finally outlined my right eye as well to look like an overall creepy and pretty doll at the same time!

To do the hair, follow the instructions for the type of rollers you use. Then slip the whole headband on! Make sure it does not slip around. As for the costume, slip the tutu and white gloves and boots on last. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of your costume and what you have done for the makeup as well. And last but not the least, have fun and happy Halloween!

I received a lot of different reactions from people when I went out in public dressed up like a broken and twisted ballerina doll. The funny and nice part was when I received quite a few compliments, in which some were, “Wow, that’s scary!” and “Wow, that’s great makeup!” in which I responded to both by saying, ”Thank you!” The hard part was curling the hair and doing the makeup, but it was so much fun as well. It was such a great time! Happy Halloween!

Twisted Broken Ballerina Doll Costume

Twisted Broken Ballerina Doll Costume

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