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Broken Porcelain Doll Costume

I liked the sad broken doll makeup tutorials I was seeing online everywhere. I decided to try one out. I free handed my own make up using the cheap makeup I could find. Everything came from our local .99 cent store.

I started by completely covering my face and chest with a light colored base color. I used clown white.

I then applied a dusting of powder to keep the grease paint from smearing when I put the other colors on.

I started with the white below my eyes to open my eyes up more. I used a silvery white color. I then started applying color to my lids. I started with purples and then added silvers to tone it down a little. I don’t have heavy eyebrows. So it was easy to cover them with just the base, powder and eyeshadows.

I then used a waterproof eyeliner to shape my eyes, below the white on the lower eye and I just lined the top as I normally would. I then did the brows above my normal brow line.

I then added lashes along the line on my bottom eye. I used extra long black lashes with silver in them. I then applied longer black with even more silver in them lashes to the top lids as I normally would.

I did my lips next. I chose to do doll lips with the “bow” look. You could do either and it would look just as good. I have very thin lips and just thought the bow looked better.

Next came the creative, artistic part, drawing in the cracks. Think lightening when doing this. I used a white liner to pencil the lines in just in case I messed up. I then went back over with black waterproof liner, which I had found at the  dollar store. It worked great.

After you do the lines and you’re sure they have “set”, take some white shadow and go around the black “cracks” to create depth.

I shop resale stores all year round. And I found the little silver doll dress for $2 a couple of months before Halloween. I added a silvery white wig for the doll hair. I also added silver “puffs” to the wig using some dollar store kids pompoms I found.

Broken Porcelain Doll Costume

Broken Porcelain Doll Costume

Broken Porcelain Doll Costume

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