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Coolest Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume

I absolutely love Halloween and the thrill of dressing up. I enjoy checking out all the costumes every year. Well, this year I decided I didn’t want to dress all cute and typical but instead wanted everyone to be staring at me. I thought and thought about what I had already that I could turn myself into. I remembered seeing a collection of dead dolls on the internet once, and set off for my closet to see what I had to make a Homemade Living Dead Doll Costume.

I found a skirt, blouse, and bought some cheap white tights. I used a black permanent marker to make stitches on the tights. I painted my face and hands white and painted stitches on them as well. I had a wig in a Halloween box that was too crazy to brush out, so it was just perfect. Dug out some black wedge sandals I had and outfit complete.

Tip: I never smiled and I also walked around stiff legged with my head jerking side to side. (like that girl in the movie “The Grudge”). Well, I definitely got the looks I was hoping for and it was awesome!!

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