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Coolest Action Figure in a Box Costume

I did a little research before I started this Homemade Action Figure in a Box Costume. I originally was going to be a Barbie in a box but then I thought screw that! I’ll be MYSELF as a super hero. I knew that NO ONE on the planet would be wearing my costume that way! My parents had just bought a new washing machine and I gladly took the box it came in off their hands. I cut it in half (width wise) because I was going to make one for my husband too. (He thought it was a stupid idea? I showed him!)

I painted the box white and added a cardboard “door” on the front side of the box. I stapled one side of the “door” to the box and hot glued Velcro to the other side of the door and box. The hot glue gun was my best friend! I used heavy paper about 5 inches wide to go across the top of the box (hot glued it on).

My mom and I have our own screen printing business and own a vinyl cutter. I designed my logos on the computer and cut them out. I put the decals on the box and it just made the whole costume! My next task was figuring out how to wear the box. I did a few trial and error runs. First I tried to make straps on the inside of the box so I could wear it like a bookbag. But?there just wasn?t enough room for my arms to bend and stretch and get in the straps. Then I poked two holes in the back of the box kind of right where I wanted my waist to be. I took a long piece of elastic and stuck one end through each hole (so now each end of the elastic is on the inside of the box and stretched across the back, outside of box).

With my Velcro door latch, I was able to open the door, get inside the box, lift it up with my head and tie the elastic straps together across my waist like a belt. Then I closed the door and presto! The only downside was that I had to TIE the elastic SUPER tight and I was afraid it would come undone during the night or be too hard to get undone for bathroom breaks and whatever else came up. So I did a minor adjustment. I took Velcro and hot glued a long piece to each end of the elastic. Now all I had to do was stick the elastic together for easy access!

As for my apparel, I hot glued (of course) big rhinestones to the bottom and top of a nightgown I bought at a garage sale. I found a big old belt buckle at the Dollar tree and glued rhinestones around that as well. I already had the go-go boots from a previous costume but I added my logo decal to each boot. The cape was a child’s mask and cape set that I got at Walmart for about $5. I had already cut out my “Ashley” decal in black, thinking I would find a white cape, but no luck. So I bought a white tablecloth from the Dollar tree and hot glued it to one side of the black cape. I then put on my decals and blinged it out with rhinestones. The finishing touch was my makeup and I just rocked the costume all night long!

I went to one contest and got third place but it was a sea of drunk people at the bar who cheered for who they wanted to win. I guess I didn’t have a big enough posse with me. I got beat out by Freddy Kruger and I couldn’t even tell you who the second place winner was. (At least my total investment in this Homemade Action Figure in a Box Costume was UNDER twenty bucks!). Next year I’m going to research some decent contests and spend the whole year preparing a costume that will be over the top awesome!

Homemade Action Figure in a Box Costume

Homemade Action Figure in a Box Costume

Homemade Action Figure in a Box Costume

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