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40+ Adorable Homemade Barbie and Ken Costumes

Poor Barbie. Feminism has been tough on her. Seems as if Barbie and Ken have gotten a bad reputation of looking unrealistically perfect.

It’s not Barbie’s fault she can do it all. From school teacher to disco dancer, she is one talented lady. Here we exalt Barbie in all her professional accomplishments. In addition, these clever costumers have given her even more areas of expertise.

For instance, someone here has imagined Barbie and Ken as zombies. Another awesome idea is Seattle Barbie, complete with North Face and Starbucks cup. Even funnier is the middle aged Ken with his bottle of Viagra!

So whether you leave them in the box or take them out, feel free to put your own spin on Barbie and Ken this Halloween. With so many possibilities, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Share your DIY costume with us here and inspire others looking to create something special.

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