Coolest Adult DIY Couple Costume Idea: Toy Story Barbie and Ken

We were attending a movie themed fundraiser event in which each group attending would pick a movie theme for their table. Our group chose Toy Story as our table theme. Being that its nearly impossible to find any pre-made costumes from Toy Story besides Woody, Buzz & the female cowgirl, I knew I would have to throw something together!

Barbie wears a teal work out costume during the entire Toy Story 3 movie and besides the “fashion show”  Ken does for Barbie, he wears one, summer, preppy boating like outfit.

Being that I have dark brown hair & my husband has brown hair, I knew we would have to purchase  wigs. I was able to find an affordable long blonde wig for myself and a plastic partial type head cover/wig for my husband.


Because I already have a hard time shopping for clothing(shirts, pants) in general, I never shop online for them & wasn’t going to take the chance by purchasing some skin tight leotard for my costume online! I knew my clothing would have to look as close to Barbies in color and fit but didn’t know how I was going to be able to find such an outfit in solid teal! I decided to venture to the local “_-Mart” and see what I could find. I somehow happened upon leggings and a matching tank top in just about the same teal as Barbie’s! I was also able to find a neon pink belt & pink earrings there too. The only items I lacked were the pink heels and the rainbow leg warmers. I had forgotten I had bought a pair of pink heels a few months back that I had never wore and I was able to find rainbow leggings online! With some bright pink lipstick, false lashes and a heavy layer of makeup, Barbie was complete!


Looking at Ken’s main outfit from Toy Story 3, he wears an ascot (scarf), a teal/blue leopard like print shirt, teal/blue cotton Khaki pleated shorts & matching loafer/boat style shoes. I seriously looked everywhere online for a men’s blue leopard print shirt but,

Imagine this, I could find none! Again, I went to the local Mart store to check out their fabrics department where I found able to find a similar colored pattered fabric, tacky matching buttons, a pattern for a cabana style men’s button shirt & a piece of baby blue silk for the ascot.  I had my local seamstress make the fluffy ascot and the shirt, adding some extra “butterfly” to the collar. For the shorts, I knew I had to find some with front pleats for the full effect. I visited the local thrift store and found some khaki style and color shorts in a size close enough to my husbands.

Once again, I went back to “Mart” and purchased blue and green dye to try my first attempt at dying anything ever besides Easter eggs and icing! I did two pairs which were a little different in khaki color to start, washed them and ta-da! I wouldn’t say they were perfect by any means but none was going to be inspecting them either! My husband had a fairly new pair of khaki boat shoes and a borrowed white belt & Ken was done!

If there had been a costume contest, I’m sure we would have been in the running considering ALL the compliments we received!

Coolest Adult DIY Couple Costume Idea: Toy Story Barbie and Ken