This Barbie girl costume was made by me!  I used to play with my Barbie hair and make-up all the time growing up and I saw something that sparked this in my mind!  It was SO FUN to make for my daughter! She is 16 and wants to be a hairdresser/make-up artist!  This was so her!

The directions couldn’t be more simple.  I used a piece of foam core board (bought at Dollar Tree), covered the board with a pink plastic table cloth with tape, cut out a hole in the board with an exacto knife to allow her head and shoulders to fit through, bought cheap make-up (Dollar Tree), cotton balls, Q-tips, combs, brushes, mirrors (all at Dollar Tree) and simply hot glued them to the board.  I styled her hair and glammed her up with lots of make-up and then put glitter all over her face and shoulders.  She was beautiful!  Thank you!