Bar Hopping Barbie in a Box Costume

I’ve seen other Barbie in a box costume ideas and I had to try it with my own twist, Bar Hoppin’ Barbie. It was a big project.

Barbie in a Box Costume Instructions

  • I used cardboard for the box and covered it with pink party table clothes.
  • I lined the inside with white butcher paper.
  • I left one side unattached so I could step in and out of it.
  • I used Velcro so I could close it while I was inside.
  • I attached white handles to the inside as it was on casters so I could walk with it.
  • I lined the inside with Barbie accessories, a built in cup holder and a purse glued into it to hold my stuff.
  • I also included a mini strobe light to fit the Bar Hoppin’ Barbie theme.
  • I used winterizing window cling for the front “windows” and I blow dried them tight.
  • I added Bar Hoppin’ Barbie branding to the box.

This costume was a blast and I had so many compliments. People still talk about it years later.