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Coolest Dead Bumble Bee Costume

Total Cost of Homemade Dead Bumble Bee Costume = $1.00

I found a yellow tutu last year as a Halloween clearance. I took an old velvet Christmas dress and removed the bottom half of the dress and then hold glued the shirt portion to the top of the tutu creating a one piece outfit. I then took and old yellow boa and added bits and pieces to the neck, arms and tops of the ballet flats she already owned.

I added black tights to keep her warm in the weather. For the headpiece I took an old headband and painted it yellow, added gold pipe cleaners and topped it with more yellow boa. You cant see it but she had little honey pots painted to the top of the headband.

For the wand I took an old wood stick, painted it yellow and added a yellow pom pom to the top. I took remnant pieces of yellow and black hair ribbons and hot glued it to the base of the wand.

I finished the entire costume by looking for a home made way to make wings online. I took a HUGE pair of panty hose and a hanger. I molded the hanger to the right shape and stretched the hose over the hanger. I then added mode podge to the entire wings to prevent rips and make them really heavy and stiff. Tto finish the wings I added some glitter glue in gold and some rhinestones. She decided to be a dead bumble bee when she found her brother’s old makeup sitting around.

Homemade Dead Bumble Bee Costume

Homemade Dead Bumble Bee Costume

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