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Coolest Bumble Bee Halloween Costume

This Halloween I really wanted to be a Bumble Bee. Because I’m 14, and most bumble bee Halloween costumes are for little kids, I tried finding a costume that was right for me. The only ones that were not super scandalous were way too overpriced.

Because I couldn’t find a costume, I decided to make it. I finally chose to make a tutu, and then use different black and yellow pieces of clothing.

Materials I used:


2.5 yards of Yellow Tulle (fabric)
2 yards of Black Tulle (fabric)
28 inch waistband
Yellow Ribbon

Rest of Costume:

Pair of Black Tights
Long Yellow Softball Socks
Yellow Duct Tape
Black Tee/Thermal

First, I made the tutu. I found the directions on youtube, and it turned out amazing. (For the tutu (if anyone’s making it) I used the pattern of 2 yellow then 2 black then 2 yellow…After the tutu was complete, I made the wings, I just shaped little pieces of wire and then on Halloween morning taped them on (with the yellow duct tape).

The tape striped on the shirt was the most complicated part of the costume. First I tried to put the tape on the shirt, but then when I put the shirt on, it was too tight. So, I waited till the morning of Halloween to tape my shirt. I wore the black tights with the yellow socks and the black shirt with my tutu. I striped the tape horizontally on the shirt, and all down the back. I tried it on the tights too, but it looked a little bit weird, so I didn’t. Voila!

Bumble Bee Costume

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