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Original Last-Minute Couple Costume: Bee Keeper and Bee!

After thinking up the Bee Keeper and Bee costume, we spent only a few hours and about $10 putting the plan in action. Bee Keeper costume included 1 $5 painter’s coveralls from Home Depot, a borrowed safari-like hat and some fabric that mimicked mosquito netting from Wal-Mart.

The bee costume was a bit more difficult. I already had the tutu and only had to make a few modifications, but any yellow tutu would work great. The wings were by far the most difficult part. To make the actual wings I stretched out two wire hangers and put one leg of a pair of black pantyhose on each. Then I twisted the top part together and taped them to a oval-shaped piece of cardboard that I had wrapped in yellow and black tape, striped, and taped it all to another piece that would not be seen but would provide more comfort for my back. I then taped ribbon to work as straps.

After putting on black leggings, sticking pipe-cleaners in foam balls and attaching them to a headband, and putting stripes of yellow tape on my black tank top, we were completely finished!

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