Homemade Zom-Bee Costume

My costume was inspired by a submission I saw on this website. I used black elastic and tied black and yellow strips of tulle to create the skirt. I used black and yellow t-shirts and shredded the black shirt to create a striped bee/ragged zombie look. The striped tights, wings, and antennae were store bought. I put the finishing zombie touches on it by spraying fake blood on the yellow t-shirt and across the wings. I created the zombie makeup using black and white cream makeup and thick fake blood.

I won 3rd prize in a Halloween costume contest (1st prize winner was a head to toe homemade Minion costume). A few people thought that I was a killer bee, but I explained that a killer bee would be alive and carrying a weapon. When I told them I was a zomBEE, you could see the slow realization and a smile on their face.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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