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Coolest Homemade Bumble Bee Costume for a Baby

Here’s our Bumble Bee costume for my baby son. Because my son, Zane, was only a couple months old, I wanted a comfortable costume for him. I saw some black fleece fabric and just thought of making him a bumble bee costume.

I used yellow felt fabric for the stripes. Without a pattern, I used a bunting bag and laid it on the folded fleece and cut around the shape to get front and back pieces (you could use any sleeper as your guide and just round the bottom when cutting).

I cut strips of yellow felt and fabric and glued them in place before hand-stitching them on the fleece. I then sewed around the edges of the front and back pieces (stripes inside so it could be turned inside out after sewn). I cut a slit down the back and attached strips of fleece on both sides of the slit as ties for when I put the bumble bee costume on him.

I took a scrap piece of fleece and rolled it into a cone and hand-stitched it on the bottom as a stinger. I took the hood of his bunting bag and laid it flat (along the seam) on the fleece and, again, just cut around it to get left and right pieces of the hat. These were sewn together and I used strips of fleece for ties under his chin.

For the tentacles, I spread fabric glue on one side of rectangular pieces of fleece. I rolled these tightly into long thin tubes. When the glue dried, it stiffened the fabric. I bunched up scraps of the yellow felt into balls and just hand-stitched them to the tops of the tubes. Then I stitched the tentacles to the hat.

For the wings, I used shaped coat hanger wire covered with black knee-high pantyhose. I didn’t permanently attach these to the costume for both comfort and portability in his car seat. So this could be worn while in the car seat, I measured where the car seat strap and buckle would need to come between his legs and cut slits in the bumble bee costume.

It was really handy to have him in the warm fleece bumble bee costume as we visited family on a crisp fall day.

Total Spent: $20

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