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Last-Minute ZomBee Halloween Costume

I love to play on words!  I found a bee costume at the thrift store, it was missing parts so it was really inexpensive!  I picked up some fishnet tights and a pair of Tinkerbell wings (clear). We had so much fun making blood with food coloring, coco powder and corn syrup!

Simple putting it together!  It was a little short so I opted to put on a pair of black shorts on.

The makeup was very easy as well.  I didn’t have gray so I mixed black and white grease paint for my face, shoulders and back.  My eye make up was black and purple eye shadow.  I also used a little red lipstick to make bruises.

The fun part was using Elmer’s glue on my skin, letting it dry and peeling it up to make wounds.

Final touches, ripping up the stockings, tearing up the tutu and placing blood in various places!  This costume won me the prize for best costume that night!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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