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Scary Neck Mouth Zombie Costume

I wanted something scary this year so I took to google and typed in “scary costume ideas”. This amazing photo came up of a girl with a giant mouth starting at the bottom of her nose down her neck and onto her chest. I was sold! In order to create the look I needed toilet paper, eye liner (blue , purple and red) eye shadow (black and red) make up sponges, liquid latex, black oil based paint and red paint.

To start, take red eye liner and outline mouth. Use red eye shadow to blend from mouth outline working out. Then black eye shadow on the inside of your lines. Next, add a thin layer of latex using a q-tip on your original mouth outline.

Then take your toilet paper folded and rolled and placed onto to latex. Next, using a sponge put latex all over the toilet paper. Let this dry, you can speed up the process by using a blow dryer low speed with the cool setting.

Once dry, add red paint. If red is too bright, mix a little black to make it darker. Next, put black paint for mouth let dry a little, then add teeth. With your makeup sponges cut triangles on one side, cover with latex then place teeth in desired area.

Finish up with fake blood around mouth and dripping down your chest. Since I had most make up, I only spent $20 on this costume. As a side note, get clear latex; if you can’t it, any Elmer glue will work. If you make your own blood it will look a bit more nasty. But fake blood works too.

Hope you enjoy my costume, it was fun terrifying people! Happy Halloween.

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