This Glam Meets Gore costume took me about an hour and a half to create. I am an aspiring Special FX Makeup Artist, trying to build my portfolio, so I usually just sit at home and practice on myself.

Products Needed to Recreate This Look

  • Liquid Latex
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax
  • Ben Nye Stage Blood
  • Ben Nye Thick Blood
  • Ben Nye Charchoal Powder
  • Bobby Pins
  • Castor Oil
  • Barrier Spray
  • Mac Russian Red Lip Stick

Step By Step Glam Meets Gore Costume Instructions

  • Put liquid latex on the face and chest using a disposable sponge.
  • Roll thin pieces of tissue paper to stick on the latex… create shapes with the tissue paper all over the face and chest  (I added a layer covering my mouth).
  • Add another layer of Liquid Latex over top of the tissue paper so it sticks.
  • Dry with a blow dryer, on cool, until latex is no longer sticky.
  • Rip the layer of tissue paper covering your mouth, so there’s an opening around your mouth.
  • Add a layer of Castor Oil over top of latex (this makes it easier to add colour).
  • Colour in wounds with  Mac “Russian Red” lipstick.
  • Outline the wounds with Ben Nye charcoal powder.
  • Add nose and scar wax to inside of mouth wound.
  • Smooth out with Vaseline on your finger tips, until it’s blended onto the mouth.
  • Seal with liquid latex.
  • Add bobby pins to mouth to make it look like stitches.
  • Add stage blood and thick blood around the wounds, and inside the wounds. Don’t cover up the charcoal outline.
  • Add Mac lipsitck underneath the eyes, to give it that “dead” look
  • Add black eyeliner to eyes to add some glamour to the look.
  • Spray with barrier spray.

I enjoy going to clubs, lounges and restaurants dressed like this, just to see what kind of reaction I get.

I’m hoping to turn my talent into a career someday. :)