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Coolest Homemade Classic Movie Monsters Group Halloween Costumes

Get a group of great people together, then have fun chasing your damsel and terrorizing your town with these homemade classic movie Monsters Group Halloween costumes!

THE MUMMY COSTUME – Materials: Long johns, gray material, shoes, black/white/gray make-up, tissue paper, spirit gum, bald cap and glue gun. Cut strips of gray material long enough to go around the body and hot glue them around long johns, shoes and gloves. Make sure to periodically try on the long johns with the sections you’ve already hot glued to make sure they’re not going to be so tight you cant get them on. A good rule of thumb, don’t super glue the strips the exact same length around as the long johns, particularly around the buttock section and thigh section as these are the areas where long johns usually stretch to fit.

For the head, wear a bald cap and hot glue the strips of fabric to the bald cap and other sections of fabric that cover the head. Then proceed to wrap your neck and hands and feet. Now before you put the bald cap on and commence wrapping the head and neck, first, for the face, get tissue paper, preferably white or yellow, and cut a piece of it that fits your face and extend down your neck and past your hairline. Poke out holes for your eyes, mouth, and nostrils, and then use spirit gum to glue it to your face around the hairline, eyes (being careful not to get it too close to your eyes as spirit gum can cause serious damage), nostrils, jawline and chin. Spray it a little bit with water to make it more malleable and form in to your face.

Once the tissue paper is set and dry, begin the makeup process. With a makeup sponge, apply a nice, even, thick layer of white foundation. Cover the entire face with white and then dab black foundation all over it to create the gray look. Apply thicker black foundation under the eyes and cheek bones to make the face look sunken in.

WOLFMAN COSTUME – Materials: Gray button down collared shirt, gray pants, gray shoes, white/black/gray make-up, setting powder, white hair paint, white/black/gray crepe hair, spirit gum, werewolf nose prosthetic and fangs. Clothes were all found at a thrift store while everything else came from a theatrical supply store. For make-up, start slicking your hair back and paint it with the white hair make-up. Apply a foundation of gray on face/ears/neck and set with power. Use spirit gum and attach crepe hair to edges of face, working your way inward one layer at a time. Use longer lengths at the edge and stretch the wool hair back over your real hair.

Attach prosthetic nose using spirit gum and cover it with make-up to match your gray face. Use white and black make-up for highlights and shadows, blending everything nicely together. Do this to your hands as well, gluing left over crepe hair on the backs and knuckles. Finally, add in custom fit fangs (Scarecrow brand are great)!

DRACULA COSTUME – Materials: Black tailcoat tuxedo, black shoes, tuxedo shirt, vest, white bowtie, medallion with no colored jewels attached to a gray ribbon, fangs, black hair paint, white/black/gray make-up and setting powder. We had to cut up a suit jacket to look like the 30s tailcoat tuxedo. Also had to cut up a blouse to look like the Dracula’s’ vest.

For make-up, paint hair with black make-up. Apply a foundation of gray on face/ears/neck, then use black and white make-up for highlights and shadows and set with power. Do this to your hands as well, then add in custom fit fangs.

FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER COSTUME – Materials: Black shirt, black pants, black jacket, raised black boots, white/black/gray make-up, black hair spray, setting spray, rubber gloves, tulle, tissue paper, spirit gum, bobby pins, hair nets and liquid latex.

For make-up, start with hair. Create flat top effect by winding hair about top of head to give the illusion of a flat head, set hair with bobby pins and hair nets. Spray hair with black hairspray. Use spirit gum on eyebrows and attach a cut length of rubber glove with tissue paper rolled inside to give more body. Let set and glue edges down with liquid latex. Dab liquid latex on spots for scars and add either crumpled tissue paper or tulle to these areas. Apply a foundation of gray on face/ears/neck/hands and right over brow, tissue paper and tulle. To end, blend make-up with white and black to get a more mottled appearance.

BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN COSTUME – Materials: 2 yards of white poplin fabric, sewing machine, thread, snap closure, 1 yard of gray coarse material, white long sleeved t-shirt, white gloves. Replicating the famous gown worn by Elsa Lanchester in “Bride of Frankenstein” is not too difficult; first create an oversized poncho shape using the poplin fabric. Make sure the neck hole is tight to the neck and square-shaped. Slit the back of the gown and add a snap closure (this will help you put the gown on after your hair and makeup is done). Make a neat seam at the bottom of the gown, and sew up the sides allowing enough room for arm holes.

Finally, push all of the material to the shoulders and hand-sew them into a simple pleated configuration. Using the long sleeved tee as a basic undershirt, wrap and stitch the arms in strips of coarse gray material, recalling a mummy’s wraps. Do the same for the gloves.

Complete the look by wearing white leggings or tights underneath and nondescript black shoes. Starting in the morning, dampen hair and twist very small segments of hair into tight knots. Use a strong setting cream or gel. Let hair dry all day, then undo knots and begin brushing out hair and teasing into the shape. Use a very strong hairspray and some bobby pins to unite the hair into a beehive shape. Use black hairspray to darken the hair. Add two pieces of false hair to the sides of your head to create the two streaks. (the wavy shape was created using strong hairspray.)

Take liquid latex and draw in a scar along your jawline and let dry. Use a gluestick to seal the eyebrows. Using theatrical crème foundation, color the face and neck gray. White crème makeup is used for highlighting the forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin, and jawline. Use black crème makeup and a toothpick to draw in the scar over the textured latex. Set makeup with translucent powder. Black makeup is also used to draw in new eyebrows pointing upward towards the temples. Apply black eyeliner, black lipstick, and false eyelashes. A small beauty mark on the cheek completes the look.

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON COSTUME – Pre-made Creature from the Black lagoon mask, hands, and feet, fleece tracksuit, several pieces of gray felt, black and white acrylic paint, paint brushes, and sponges. Paint the mask, hands, and feet in grayscale (dark gray and black shadows, white highlights). Cut felt into layered “armor” pieces (torso and legs), sew to tracksuit. Paint white texture onto whole costume with a sponge and add black shadow under “armor” layers.

DAMSEL IN DISTRESS COSTUME – 30s or 40s style white or gray dress, white/black/gray make-up and white hair paint. Style hair to match time period of dress. Apply a foundation of gray make-up on any exposed skin, then use black and white make-up for highlights and shadows and set with power. Do this to your hands as well.

SHOCKING/HORROR COSTUME – Materials: Computer, paper, sprayable glue, black foam core, large strips of velcro, apron, strobe lights, belt, black clothes, 3D glasses. Create black-and-white B-Movie style words in a design program (Photoshop) to be 60” x 20” and print them out full size on 11” x 17” paper. Piece the pages together and glue them on black foam core.

Cut out final words and attach a piece of velcro to the back. Adhere the other piece of velcro to an apron, so the word can stick on your chest or be taken off and held up high. Run a belt through two battery-operated strobe lights so that one falls on your right hip and the other on your left, facing behind you. This will create a film reel effect as the monsters walk behind you! Wear all black with old school 3D glasses!

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