This Creepy costume is the coolest and easiest costume I have ever made. The reactions were amazing, friends didn’t recognize me and they are still all talking about my costume. They all loved it as much as I did.

Here is what you need to create this fantastic costume:

The most expensive item to buy is spirit gum ( the best face glue ever) and can be purchased from Halloween stores. I’ve tried different glues on my face, even crazy glue, and this was the BEST glue to use,.

All my other supplies were purchased at the Dollar store.

  •     Ball of yarn ( light color yarn would be better)
  •     School glue (white glue)
  •     1 tube of green face paint
  •     1 tube of black face paint
  •     Red water base paint
  •     1 tube of fake blood
  •     A sheet of Styrofoam ( if not Styrofoam plates  work)
  •     Masking tape


Making the lips

This step needs to be complete at least 3 to 4 days minimum before wearing the costume.

You will need:

  •  Ball of yarn
  •  School glue (white glue)
  •  Masking tape

1-     Measure a strand of yarn where the lips will be on your face, add a few inches extra just in case it needs to be cut.

2-     Once you have your strand of yarn,  cut numerous strand the same length. I used about 20 strands. Depending on how thick you want the lips to be.

3-     Put all the strand of yarn together (from end to end), Take the snake length pile of yarn in your hands and run it under water. ( I used warm water) wetting it length wise from end to end squeezing out the water. Yarn has to be wet all the way through not soaked

4-     Take school glue and spread some the whole length or the yarn

5-     Pour school glue in your hands and rub them with the yarn in-between them (like your making a snake out of play-doh)

6-     Keep adding school glue to your hands while making sure to get plenty of the now watered down glue all over the yarn snake.

7-     Once the yarn is soaked with watered down glue twist the yarn from end to end to tighten all the treads together.

8-     Rub your hand over the yarn twisty snake and spread the access glue evenly.

9-     Put strand of yarn down to dry while putting 2 hard items on both ends of the strands to keep it twisted.

10-  Check daily, and add move school glue around the yarn if needed

11-  When yarn is completely dry, it should be hard put flexible.

12-  Cut both of the yarn ends angle wise

13-  Put both ends of yarn together and tape making tape around both end to make it hold

14-  Paint circular yarn with the red paint and let dry

Making the teeth

You will need the sheet of Styrofoam or plates

Cut the in triangles about 2” high and 1” wide

Cut out about 20 teeth ( it’s always good to have extra ones)

Final Step Making it happen!!

This is where the magic happens.

1-     Take Spirit Gum and apply to face where lips will be placed

2-     Apply Spirit Gum around the back of the lips creation

3-     Stick Lips on face making a bend where your jaw bone ends  and hold for a few minutes

4-     Add more spirit gum if needed to make it hold.

5-     Once the lips are glued do the same with the Spirit Glue and the teeth, placing them in your desired section of the lips and triming them to the desired shape and size.

6-     Once the lips and teeth are glued, paint the inside of you mouth with the black face paint

7-     Now that the mouth effect is complete, I went ahead and painted the rest of my face and head with the green make-up, leave my Mohawk spiked

8-     Adding some black make-up around my eyes and nose.

Finish it off by adding some fake blood