We did this look for the Toronto Zombie Walk this year.  It’s a masquerade look with half zombie, half skeleton makeup. :)


  • I used dollar store vampire teeth (cut the fangs off) to build a prosthetic mouth piece using toilet paper and liquid latex.  Once dried, I added some smokers tooth makeup, plus brown and black to make the teeth look as if they were rotting – we built this a few days in advance to make application day easier. :)
  • We applied the prosthetic with spirit gum and more latex/toilet paper.
  • After this, we built the cut using spirit gum, liquid latex and toilet paper (apply spirit gum to skin first, allow to get tacky, apply toilet paper and latex in layers to build cut).
  • We then painted one side of his face like a skeleton + blood and the other like a zombie + blood.
  • He bought the ‘bone-daddy’ suit and we made the hat by gluing decorative skulls on it.


Female (aka me!):

  • I used spirit gum on my skin to make it sticky and built my cheek and brown bones from nose/scary putty.
  • Once I got them built how I liked them, I applied latex to seal them on.
  • While the latex dried, I added my homemade mouth piece (made same as one above, except mine was a full mouth and his was half) and began to use spirit gum and putty to build the ripped skin on the outside of my face, as if my face had been ripped off (latexed as well)!
  • Once all of the latex was dry, I began to paint my face like a skeleton and filled all of the black parts with fresh scab blood
  • With some fresh blood and contact lenses I was ready to go!
  • My outfit is all stuff I own in my wardrobe – dress, clincher, arm socks, etc. :)

I won the costume contest later that night (yup, I wore this makeup ALL day and night, with only minor touch-ups! Denis took his half later in the evening).

P.S. The mouth pieces were functional, just limited movement. We were able to eat (with a fork), drink and smoke.