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170+ Goriest Homemade Zombie Costumes for a Creepy Halloween

This bloodstained section is not for the faint of heart. However, if you are looking for the grisliest, bloodiest DIY zombie costumes, you have absolutely reached your destination.

The make up work demonstrated here is true artistry. Some people here couldn’t even show their face to their parents as it was so disturbing. Now that is an impressive task! You will discover how these awesome costumers used latex to create their horrifyingly disgusting looks.

The zombie dedication here is extraordinary. There are pictures here that you will need to see up close, as the level of detail is unbelievable.

In addition, dress up as one of these grotesque zombie costumes and everyone will want their picture taken with you this Halloween.

Think you can out-gross these homemade costumes here? Send us yours here and show us how creepy you can go!

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