About 15 of us had arranged a Halloween fancy dress night out and I always enjoy making my own outfits so I thought I’d have a go at a zipper face look but as a zombie. The mask is made from liquid latex, tissue paper, cotton wool a little foam and some zips.

As I’d never used liquid latex before I started the mask the week before, building it up on may face layer by layer and letting it dry which took about 8 hours and then I peeled it off my face and added more detail and teeth. Face paint and fake blood was used to get the eyes and mouth area gory and brown felt tip pen for the decomposing skin look. On the day it took me a further 3 hours to latex my neck, ears and stick the mask back on adding more fake blood etc to get it to look just how i wanted it.

My clothes were an old green army like jumper, army belt and combat pants that I’d ripped, shredded and distressed to get the zombie look, I also added a bandanna made from an old t-shirt to hide my hair as it short and you could see my scalp.

Had an awesome night out and got some great reactions starting with the taxi driver as I jumped in the cab who said  ‘you scare me… can I get a photo’. The best reaction was in the bars and clubs as people turned round or got a glimpse of me out of the corner of their eye and did a double take, moved away and in quite a few cases screamed. Also got asked to pose for quite a few photos which is always great fun.

The mask stayed in tact all night apart from the latex tearing a little around the neck, might have need to have made the latex a little thicker. Removing the mask wasn’t too bad, it peeled off my face and ears fine however my neck and chest were a different matter as my hair had got stuck in the latex and it was like getting waxed leaving a very nice red patch… Ouch!!

Quite a bit of effort involved for one night but I enjoy making the outfits and will definitely be using liquid latex again its so much fun, cost about £15 to make the mask and I could use it again though i might need to redo the neck and ears.