For this Stitched-Up Prom Queen costume and Makeup, you’ll need:

  • Liquid Latex
  • Tissue Paper
  • Liquid Eyeliner or charcoal powder BLACK
  • Ben Nye Death Wheel
  • Ben Nye Stage blood
  • Ben Nye Thick Blood
  • Urban Decay “Naked” Pallette
  • Castor Sealer
  • Barrier Spray
  • Spirit gum
  • Nose and scar wax

Steps for Applying the Makeup

  1. Using the Urban Decay Naked Palette Apply “side car” all over lid
  2. Apply “gun metal” into crease”
  3. Blend
  4. Apply liquid eyeliner and mascara
  5. Apply spirit gum or liquid latex, on half your face
  6. Apply Ben Nye nose and scar wax, in a mask like way over top of spirit gum/latex
  7. Smooth out using fingers dipped in Vaseline (to prevent it from sticking to you)
  8. Add a layer of liquid latex to seal
  9. Repeat process on neck and chest, expect only add nose and scar wax where you want your wounds to be
  10. Blow dry on cool setting
  11. Create stitches using a palette knife (you can carve just about anything into nose and scar wax!)
  12. Add castor sealer over top of latex
  13. Add setting powder
  14. Color-in stitches using charcoal powder or black eyeliner
  15. Using the Ben Nye death wheel (dark red/burgundy color), apply all over face and neck
  16. Apply Ben Nye thick blood over top of the places you want to stand out (over the nose and scar wax areas)
  17. Apply stage blood to give it that fresh blood effect

I came up with this on my own. Sorry description isn’t very detailed.  I kind of just winged the entire thing, so its hard for me to remember exactly what i did.

This took about an hour and half to create, as I changed it up quite a bit.

My original idea was to do a line of stitches down the center of my face but too many people have done that idea already so i decided to do something original :)