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Creepy Skeletina Costume and Makeup

For this creepy Skeletina costume and makeup, you’ll need:

  • Face Primer (I use Rimmell “Stay Matte” only $8!)
  • Setting Powder
  • Foundation Brushes (i get mine from the dollar store because i go through alot of them :))
  • Different sized paint brushes (i get these from the dollarstore too! make sure you get soft bristled brushes so you dont scratch your face!
  • Mehron Fantasy FX Face Paint (white)
  • Mehron Fantasy FX Face Paint (Black)
  • Charchoal Powder
  • Black Eyeliner pencil
  • Barrier Spray
  • And last but not least… a creative mind :)

Steps for Creating the Skeletina Makeup

  • Wash your face before you start!
  • Apply face primer all over face, neck and chest
  • Create the outline of your chest bones using a fine point paint brush and your fantasty FX Face Paint (White)
  • Colour in the bones, using the face paint and a foundation brush
  • Apply the white face paint all over your face
  • Apply Setting powder with a large powder brush, all over your face, chest and neck (this will prevent the white facepaint from rubbing off while you apply the black)
  • Using a black eye liner pencil,draw the outline of your teeth
  • Colour in your teeth with the white face paint and a small detail brush
  • Take your black face paint and a medium sized brush, draw the outline of your cheekbones, then colour them in with a foundation brush
  • Create depth around your eye sockets using a fluffy brush and charcoal powder. keep blending around each eye until you reach the depth you want.
  • Colour in around the chest/neck bones using a foundation brush and black face paint
  • Add black face paint to the tip of the nose
  • Apply setting powder all over using a large powder brush
  • The look is not complete without Mehron Barrier Spray! spray this all over your face,chest and neck for a waterproof finish!

I had a lot of fun doing this look, its not the usual kind of look I go for which made it much more interesting to create! :)  I will definitely be doing more like this in the future.

Creepy Skeletina Costume and Makeup

Creepy Skeletina Costume and Makeup

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