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Easy No-Sew DIY Gilligan’s Island Group Costume

This Gilligan’s Island costume was hands down our most popular group costume.  I don’t know if it’s because the older generation who plays volleyball really appreciated it or if we just fit the roles so well but either way, this was a huge success and it was super easy to put together.

The captain was made using all things that were already owned.  Navy blue polo, khaki shorts and a skipper hat from the party store.

Mary Ann was also made using things that were already owned.  Pink/red gingham shirt with high waisted jean shorts.  Hair in pig tails tied up with gingham ribbon.

Ginger was put together with a dress that was purchased for $5 at the Dillards outlet.  If you aren’t fortunate to have a store with tons of really cheap tacky dresses, you can certainly find something at your local thrift store.  The wig was purchased for this occasion and was finished off with a silver headband and feather boas.

Gilligan was put together with a plain red long sleeve shirt and some really washed out baggy jeans (close enough to the light blue pants he wore and much easier to find!) The hat was already owned.  To make the SOS buoy, we used a piece of foam already in that shape that was purchased from the craft store.  We used white t-shirt material which was hot glued to it.  Red duct tape and shapies were used for the detailing.

For how easy this one was, it was a huge success!

You can read about our special volleyball group costuming tradition on my Author page…

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