Coolest Gilligan’s Island Costumes

We had a group of seven going to a party so we went with the Gilligan’s Island theme.

I was Ginger and I used a gold long dress that I already owned. I took a blond wig and used orange and red hairspray to spray the wig a more “ginger” look. I put on fake eyelashes to exaggerate her look even more. Decided on the bright red lips as well. Finished off her look with some bling here and there and she was a GO!

For Mary-Ann we decided on a red and white checkered shirt and tied it up in front, old (but short) jean shorts with black high heels. Our Mary-Ann had short hair so we put some brown hair extensions (from Sally’s beauty supply) to add length to her two pony tails. We just used rubber bands to attach them. We also decided to go ahead and put fake lashes on her too. We tied some red ribbon around her pony tails to add some Mary-Ann flair, but it also helped cover the extensions.

The next lady of the bunch is Mrs. Howell (Lovey)… she was actually the funnest. We needed long white gloves, and accessories like an umbrella and purse and hat. We found a short platinum blond wig with a curly look that worked great. We went to each of our wardrobes to through her look together. And don’t forget the PEARLS!

For the guys, we thought it would be hilarious for our biggest guy of the group to be “Gilligan”. We couldn’t find the typical red rugby anywhere, so we had to take a plain red, long sleeved shirt and take a color from an old shirt we had and sew it onto the plain red shirt collar. I had a white Gilligan style hat and he was ready!

Our very own Skipper wore a Captain’s hat that he already owned, but it was white so we dyed the white part blue by mixing the blue dye and then dipping the top material part of the hat in it. Voila, a blue captains hat. Of course the Skipper wore a blue (golf shirt type) with light colored khakis, but for some reason all of the men of the island liked their pants somewhat short…ha, ha. We finished his look with some white hair spray for his hair and of course a set of HUGE binoculars!

The professor was the easiest…a white long sleeved oxford with the sleeves rolled up, a pair of light weight, light colored and of course short pants. White socks with dockside shoes and don’t forget the old radio that he held in many episodes!

We decorated our table with a palm tree, burlap and used an island that my son built last year for a school project as a centerpiece! Our talented Mary-Ann sewed a SS Minnow tube on the burlap that we used as our tablecloth. So what do you think of this little buddy?!

This is totally do-able for any group! Easy and fun. Most everything can be put together from things you have at home. We kept referring to the online Gilligan site to look at photos.

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