Coolest Gilligan’s Island Group Costume

Here is a brief overview of how each went about making their Gilligan’s Island Group Costume.

Gilligan: Gilligan went in search of his clothing at a local thrift store. Luckily, his first visit was a massive success. He found the perfect pants for the costume and found a great red sweatshirt. For the white collar, he put a white button down underneath. The bucket hat was also found during the same trip to the thrift store. Not seen in the image are his white shoes. He had some old shoes that he spray painted white. A few coats and they were good for the costume! Finally, for Gilligan, he had some basic nylon rope and got a old pool kid’s float that we spray painted white for the life-saver. That was finished off with S.S. Minnow written on it.

Skipper: As for the Skipper, he had some khakis and got a blue polo at a local store. He borrowed this great captain’s hat to finish off the costume. His natural beard added a personal touch!

Mary Ann: She purchased her shirt online and already had the jeans. She went to a local hobby store for the ribbon in her pigtails, to match her Mary Ann shirt. Everything came together perfectly for her.

Ginger: Last, but not least, after looking all over Ginger finally found her a great dress at a local thrift store. She also came by her purse at a local thrift store and borrowed the earrings from a friend. She styled her hair to match and added the beauty mark!

We all had a great time in the process. In the end, we were a top favorite at the office!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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