Coolest Double Dare Group Costume

We were going back to our college town for Halloween and needed an awesome group costume – Double Dare from Nickelodeon. We hadn’t seen the costume done before and we wanted to make our costumes as authentic-looking as possible. We had a red team and a blue team just like in the show – girls were blue and boys were red.

We actually looked online for “Double Dare” t-shirts that we could buy but weren’t able to come across any that had the same exact logo that was used on the show. Luckily, one member in our group owns his own custom t-shirt shop so he was able to buy the t-shirts wholesale and screenprint the logo for us. This worked out great because we were able to have the huge “Double Dare” logo across the front of the shirt. If you were making this Double Dare Group Costume yourself, I’m sure iron-ons would work too.

For pants, the boys bought red sweatpants a size smaller than they usually wear to get that authentic 1990’s look. We got the sweatpants wholesale from our t-shirt company owner friend but you can buy plain sweats anywhere – think Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc. The girls got royal blue Soffe shorts and royal blue soccer socks from Modells. And we all wore sneakers.

Our knee and armpads were black volleyball knee guards from Sports Authority – we wore knee pads on our knees and elbows (just got smaller sizes for the elbows).

We bought red handkerchiefs and cut them into triangle flag shapes and stuffed them into our knee pads. Remember in the show participants always had to get the red flag from the obstacle before moving on to the next obstacle? Yup, we thought of all the details.

We also got clear science goggles from the dollar store and borrowed skateboarding helmets from my little brother. Finally, we bought green Crayola paint and threw it at each other dirtying up our shirts and faces to look like we had just gone through obstacles.

These costumes were awesome! So many compliments and they were so comfortable to wear at the bar all night.

* The fannypacks weren’t ever worn on the show but they were an awesome 90’s touch to store our cell phones, money and id’s in!

Double Dare Group Costume

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