This Double Dare couples Halloween costume was a HUGE hit a few Halloweens ago, and our friends still talk about it! If you are a child of the 90’s and remember watching the show Double Dare on Nickelodeon…you and everyone else will truly love it.   My husband and I really got into “character,” which involved setting up mini obstacle courses and challenging people all night at the local bar, which people got a huge laugh out of.

We had “slime” that really added to the affect.  It’s also a super easy and relatively cheap costume to make.  Each of us wore our tennis shoes, red athletic shorts, red tshirts and ironed on “Double Dare” logo, bought bike helmets from Wal Mart and glued a plastic cup with a black ring at the top of the glass for “slime,” and plastic goggles.  We bought the green slime from Wal Mart as well, and even bought some silly string for fun. We won the best original costume contest at the local bar as well!