This is my Oscar the Grouch Costume for Halloween 2008. Trying to find something that could compete with the previous year was difficult. I was walking through a Wal-mart when I saw some Fuzzy green microfleece blankets on sale. It hit me that I needed to be part of Sesame Street. Deciding on Oscar was easy, because the bottom half of his costume is a garbage can, so it will save some time.

I went to a Home Hardware down from my house, and bought some thin wire, not too sure what the gauge of the wire was, but it was fairly easy to bend and cut with snips. I formed a head out of this wire, and then I covered the whole thing with Duct tape to reenforce and give shape to it. Cutting the blankets and sewing it to the head was easy enough. Micro Fleece blankets give your costume a great fuzzy look and feel BUT it makes and insane mess. I was finding green fuzz on things in my house for the next two years!

I had another blanket for my shirt and gloves and neck piece. I lay down and traced my upper body onto the blanket, cut it, sewed it, and then flipped it so the seams were on the inside. For Garbage can I used a Styrofoam Planter covered in aluminum foil, and I cut out the bottom so my legs would go through. The bottom piece I cut into eyes, and then bought some black mesh for the mouth, so I could see out but no one could see in.

This costume came in second at the University contest, which still won me 75$.

Total cost of this costume was approx. – 110$