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Coolest 75+ Homemade Sesame Street Costumes

Sunny days await you in this awesome collection of Sesame Street costumes. You will see all the cuddly characters here as adorable homemade costumes. Also, these DIY costumes are not just for kids. Take a look at all the adults joyfully dressing as their favorite childhood characters.

The level of detail in these homemade costumes is amazing. The actual Sesame Street puppets would be amazed. Using everything from foam heads to duct tape, these DIY costumes were major hits on Halloween.

In addition, these costume ideas are great if you are dressing up as a couple or a group. For an awesome couple costume idea, try Cookie Monster and a chocolate chip cookie or the hilarious Yip Yip Aliens. And get your whole family together to be a colorful, fuzzy gang.

So check out the fun-loving Sesame Street costumes below for your best DIY costume this Halloween!

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