Gay Bert and Ernie Get Married Costume

With the passing of New York’s Gay Marriage, we thought Bert and Ernie should get married. I found foam padding at a local thrift store for only $3. We proceeded to sculpt, cut, tape, glue, carve, and tape some more the basic shapes of their heads. Using the right color felt, we attached to the heads with rubber cement and adhesive spray. Styrofoam balls for the noses. More felt fort the eyes, and ears. And old wigs were attached on top. I then hand painted the shirts using fabric paint, a ruler, and tape. We made wedding rings out of shower curtain rings and glittered them up and bedazzled them with costume jewelry. We printed up our version of a marriage certificate from Sesame Street and Big Bird was our witness.

We got the best comments. People couldn’t believe we made these. The children LOVED US!  One little girl came up to tell us she had all our books at her house. We entered a contest and when the crowd found out that we got “married” we got a standing ovation. We have worn these costumes for pride parades in Palm Springs and Vancouver, British Columbia.

We didn’t win the contest, losing to store bought mad hatter and rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. But we were definitely the crowd favorite.

bert and ernie

halloween contest

showing our love

showing off our marraige license, notice the rings….

our reaction to not winning the contest

here we are at vancouver pride parade

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