Coolest Homemade Bert and Ernie Costume

This Homemade Bert and Ernie Costume was a pretty straight forward one to come up with. Basically I just took a bald cap and cut a small hole in the top. I took part of a fake beard and pulled it through the hole in the bald cap to make my Bert hair. Then just glued the cap on and painted myself yellow.

I took a fake mustache, it came as a part of the fake beard that I used for the hair and glued the mustache on as my unibrow. Then I just through on a striped shirt and a pair of blue jeans and Extreme Ernie Makeover. Except my girlfriend wouldn’t dress up as Ernie, so I had to get a small Ernie doll to hang out with me, because everyone knows Bert doesn’t roll without Ernie.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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